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Interchem have taken on Jane Henningan a UCD student for 7 months’ work placement. Jane is a 3rd year Food and Agribusiness Management student and is undertaking her professional work experience with Interchem as part of her course. She has a keen interest in the Agricultural industry and is looking forward to her work experience with Interchem.

Jane is from Kells in Co. Meath and is a regular on the horses showing circuit and attends shows such as the Tullamore Agricultural show and the Dublin Horse Show.

Interchem MD Pat O’Callanghan says “we are delighted taken on Jane here at Interchem as part of her work experience. It’s great to be able to give Jane the experience in the agri industry during college so when she is graduated she will have the relevant skills to get a job. We are looking forward to helping her develop her skills and knowledge over the next coming months and I wish her success during the work experience and in her future career’’.

Feliscratch Sureflap

Interchem are delighted to announce the launch of two new feline products, Feliscratch, an addition to their pheromone range, and SureFlap.


Feliscratch is a simple solution to a cats inappropriate scratching in the home. When scratching, cats mark their territory by leaving visual and chemical messages from their paws. This scent, undetectable to us, is a pheromone known as feline interdigital semiochemical. Scratching may also be a sign of stress in a cat. 

Feliscratch is a copy of this pheromone. When applied on the desired scratching surface, it mimics the visual and chemical signals to encourage the cat to scratch there again.

Clinically proven to help reduce or stop unwanted scratching in the home and redirect cats to their scratching post.


SureFlap microchip pet doors enable your pet to access the outdoors safely while keeping unwanted intruder animals out of your home. Suitable for cats and small dogs, the doors only unlock for your pet as they recognise your pet identification microchip, which acts as a personalised door key. 


SureFlap is designed as a drop-in replacement for many existing cat flaps, with a two-part construction, making SureFlap easy to install. SureFlap can be installed in doors, windows and walls, allowing easy access for your pet without any unwanted visitors.


Enriching a pet's life and protecting the home with SureFlap. 



Interchem (Ireland) Ltd are pleased to announce that they are now stockists of the full Botanica range in Ireland.

Botanica is a unique combination of natural herbal ingredients blended to make a soothing antiseptic wash, suitable for both human and animal use.


Botanica products are all anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. Botanica washes and creams are used widely on all forms of animals from dairy cows to zoo animals.


For more information please contact your area representative or give us a call at the office number 01 451 8959. 


Interchem (Ireland) Ltd hosted a CPD business development conference for veterinary practice managers called "Unlock your practices true potential" with Vet Dynamics in Nass on May17th 2017. Vet Dynamics speaker, Alan Robinson talked about the rising tide opportunity for veterinary practices over the next 10 years based on the curretns upturn of the Irish economy.


The 70 practice managers and owners who attended the event provided interesting interaction using a live electronic poll. Some interesting feedback from the attendees showed that 41% of practices say profit after paying fixed and variable costs is 5-10%. 60% are striving to position their practices as value and relationship add service. The biggest challenge from the audience is scale-ability and economics of the vet practice. 60% of vets are working in a red busy zone, not working efficiently or smartly.


Interchem are offering a 40% discount on the Vet Dynamics Platinum 2 year programme aimed at mentoring practices to shift their business model to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead if rolled out effectively. The programme provides professional coaching with regular planning sessions in a small group setting to help veterinary practices achieve their goals.


If you would like further information on this programme, contact your local territory manager or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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