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Sick Foals: How, What, Where and When

Monday 13 February 2023

Find out more about Interchem's foal health webinar‚Äč

Thanks to all that attended our recent webinar titled "Sick Foals: How, What, Where and When". Thank you to our guest speakers Mercedes Soriano MVB, head veterinarian at the Clonargen Neonatal Hospital in Buenos Aires and Tommy Heffernan MVB Gradcert DHH.

Don't worry if you missed out you can click the link below and view the recording!

Webinar recording

Precision Microbes for Horses

With the digestive health of horses being so important we are really excited to bring this unique liquid complementary feed into the Irish market. Our complementary feed contains live beneficial bacteria in a liquid medium. It is a solution of lactic acid bacteria produced by the fermentation of organic herbs. It also certified organic and also has certification from the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques which confirms it has no substances that can be viewed as performance enhancing.
To find out more about Precision Microbes download you brochure here.

Brand Ambassador 

We are delighted to have Damien Griffin as our brand ambassador for Precision Microbes. Damien and the team in Lissyegan Stables have been using Precision Microbes for a number of months now and are seeing excellent results with their sport horses.

Bag and box presentation

Watch our video on the new bag and box presentation and how to use.

Precision Microbes for Horses is available in 1L, 5L 10L bag and box and 20L bag and box. 
Purchase 1L here
Purchase 5L here
Purchase 10L here
Purchase 20L here