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Pig health    
Water quality   
The pigmeat sector is the third most important sector of the Irish agri-food industry, with exports of 248,000 tonnes of pigmeat in 2021. There are 151,900 breeding animals in the Republic of Ireland (June, 2021,, producing over 3 million pigs annually. The sector supports 8,000 jobs in areas such as production, slaughter, processing, and feed manufacturing.

Interchem have an array of swine products for use on pig farms to maximise productivity and therefore, profitability.  Interchem offer a professional service and with an experienced technical team who provide advice, solutions, and services such as diagnostics, haemoglobin testing, lung scoring, biosecurity audits and trials on farm. Interchem's solutions for pig farmers include gilt synchronisation, a water cleaning and acidification service, products to prevent iron deficiency anaemia - Gleptosil and our iron and toltrazuril combination, as well as an array of vaccines for the control of influenza, oedema disease, APP, Salmonella, to name a few.
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At Interchem, we pride ourselves on a value-add approach and bringing our service to the next level.
Huwa San
  • For cleaning and disinfecting: focused, controlled and efficient
  • Optimum water quality, fewer antibiotics and healthier animals
  • Improved feed conversion, better product quality
  • Excellent hygiene, reduced stress, fewer illnesses and reduced losses.
Optimising water quality
Treatment of the entire drinking water system (storage tanks, pipes and drinking systems) by removing organic deposits (biofilm).
Disinfecting surfaces and materials: floors, walls, ceilings and the entire building

🗸  Broad spectrum disinfectant effective against bacteria, yeasts, mould, spores and viruses
🗸  Long lasting and proven efficacy
🗸  Chlorine free
🗸  No organic compounds or acids
🗸  No harmful by-products or residues
🗸 Odourless, colourless and tasteless
🗸 Active at extreme pH values and temperatures
🗸 Long-lasting and controlled action
🗸 Non corrosive at recommended dose rates
🗸 Registered as biocide with approval number 397B in Belgium and 12677N in the Netherlands
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You can depend on advice and coordinated support from the Interchem swine team when using Huwa-San

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