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Pet Anxiety Awareness Month - Help your dog

Friday, March 10, 2023

However pets suffer with anxiety all year round. Whether this is due to travelling, meeting new people, going to the vets, fears of loud noises, the hoover, living in a stressful environment...the list goes on!

ADAPTIL has been around for over 20 years helping dogs cope with anxiety but there are still many that are not aware about what can be done and what products can be used. We want to raise awareness all about these issues and highlight that there is something you can do to help your pet. 

Whether this be taking them to see a qualified behaviourist or trainer, amend your pets resources to help them with a supporting product. The point is you are not alone and there is something you can be done.

Pet Anxiety Awareness Month - Help your dog

1) Professional help

Helping your dog cope with their anxiety is not always a simple fix. It can be really beneficial to understand further why your dog reacts in a certain way, this is the best way to help your dog in the long term. 

We would always advise either visiting the APBC or the ABTC to find a list of regulated professionals to help you on your journey. If you are ever concerned about your dog please also visit your vet, some behavioural issues can be down to a health issue, they will be able to help you eliminate any potential causes. 

Also...Do not give up!! You will have good and bad days, the important things is to keep going.

2) How can ADAPTIL help?

ADAPTIL is clinically proven to help dogs cope with their anxieties. Whether this be worried about being left home alone, people, traffic & road fears, loud noises etc.

Depending on your situation, it will influence the best ADAPTIL product for you.

If the anxieties are:

  • At home (such as loud noises or home alone issues) we recommend the ADAPTIL Diffuser
  • Out and about (such as traffic, walking, training or staying away from home) we recommend the ADAPTIL Collar
  • Short term (such as car travel) we recommend the ADAPTIL Transport Spray
  • New puppy (such as night crying, socialisation and training) we recommend the ADAPTIL Junior Collar

Ask about Adaptil at your local vet or pet retailer. To find your local stockist click here. 

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