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Wexford farm improves calf health with Precision Microbes

Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Farm manager Kevin O’Hanlon milks 150-160 cows, converting to organic and all-year-round calving.
The last few years, he’s had issues with pneumonia and scours. Kevin says “once one gets it, no doubt the rest will get it too”.
“Since feeding Precision Microbes I haven’t had to inject or treat calves for scour. Yes treatment can clear it up but that is a set back."
“With Precision Microbes, their guts are healthy, they’re up playing, have a great shine on their coats and growth rates are good."
“I’m really happy with Precision Microbes and will continue to use it based on the vigour of the calves and the general health of them’’
‘’Absolutely, hand on heart, recommend Precision Microbes to anyone’’

Precision Microbes for calves

Precision Microbe’s pro- and post-biotic liquids are designed to improve gut health, support immunity in young calves, and provide protection.
  •  Precision Microbes is highly palatable;
  • It can be fed from day one in milk;
  • Can be used with automatic feeders;
  • Precision Microbes can help performance and growth rates;
  • Precision Microbes can help support calf immunity (with 70% of immunity being gut based);
  • Enterococcus faecium NCIMB10415 also is licensed for gut stabilisation;
  • Calves who get scour when they are on long-term Precision Microbes, have been seen to recover faster when topped up with 30ml extra a day for 3-4 days;
  • Many Irish farmers continued to feed Precision Microbes 30ml/calf daily, right up to weaning because they saw a positive difference in the calves – click to watch Kevin O’Hanlon talk through why he used long-term Precision Microbes;
  • Precision Microbes is also an ideal product for calf rearing and dairy to beef. Feed 30ml daily from arrival to weaning, feeding through milk.  
Click here for your local veterinary supplier.

“Across all our trial work I carried out, we have seen a reduction in calf diarrhoea on long-term usage. Better calf performance was also recorded,” veterinary consultant Tommy Heffernan said.
These results have now also been seen practically in farms up and down the country.
Precision Microbes products are game changers in gut health and calf health.
Farmers can see a difference in their calves on Precision Microbes, and that’s the most powerful data of all.”

New packaging

The team at Interchem has announced a new 10L bag and box of Precision Microbes, which has several benefits for the end user and the environment, including:

  • Extended shelf life;
  • Easy to dispense the product;
  • Easy disposal. No more big plastic cans;
  • 85% reduced plastic;
  • The box is 100% recyclable.

Precision Microbes is exclusively available through your local veterinary practice.

Click here for your local veterinary supplier.

Win 30L of Precision Microbes

The 30mls for 30 days competition starts on January 1, and will run for 30 days.
Each day, a success story from Irish farmers who have used Precision Microbes on calves, will be shared across their social media channels.
These farmer stories show how Precision Microbes support their calves with gut stabilisation, speed of action and benefited with long-term use.

Every day you will have a chance to enter the competition to win the first prize of 30L of Precision Microbes, or a runner-up daily prize of a pair of Precision Microbes socks.
To enter the 30ml for 30 days competition, competition:
  1. Share the farmer story post using the hashtag #30for30;
  2. Tag two friends in the comments;
  3. Follow the page.
The daily posts will be shared on social media channels (linked at the end of this article).At the end of 30 days, Interchem and Precision Microbes will collate entries with the hashtag ‘#30for30’ from their social media channels and will pull a winner of the 30L of Precision Microbes.
Daily winners of the Precision Microbes socks will be notified throughout the campaign.
So, be sure to enter every day tagging your friends and using the hashtag ‘#30for30’.
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