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Reducing Salmonella Prevalance

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Through their Pig HealthCheck programme, Animal Health Ireland are working on making changes to the National Pig Salmonella Control Programme in order to assist pig producers in reducing the Salmonella challenge on their pig units.
They have also compiled two very informative facts sheets entitled “Salmonella in Pig Production” and “Diagnostic tests for Salmonella”. These fact sheets can be viewed on the Animal Health Ireland website (

We, at Interchem, are also focused on reducing the prevalence of Salmonella in pig herds. We are working with vets and pig producers to reduce Salmonella prevalence by focusing on three areas: vaccination, hygiene & disinfection, and management.
Vaccination is a key component in achieving an effective, permanent reduction in Salmonella infection pressure throughout the herd. For an effective reduction in Salmonella pressure, both sows and piglets should be vaccinated. In sows, vaccination prevents or significantly reduces the shedding of wild strains of Salmonella Typhimurium during lactation, leading to a lower risk of infection for the piglets.

The aim of vaccination in piglets is to reduce the colonisation and shedding of the pathogen to prevent animal-to-animal infection. Any clinical symptoms present are suppressed. For a lasting reduction in Salmonella infection pressure and a permanent improvement in farm category, continual vaccination is required until only vaccinated animals remain in the herd. After this, continuing sow vaccination is recommended.

Vaccination should be accompanied by appropriate hygiene and management measures, such as, cleaning and disinfection, rodent and pest control, monitoring of farm procedures and working routes, implementing and all-in all-out system where possible.

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