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Electrolyte loss compensation

The loss of electrolytes, dehydration and intestinal or gastric imbalances prevent the horse's recovery and reduce its performance. This product can be be used in conjuction to any situation leading to the sweating of the horse
VETIDRAL has a positive effect on the horse's recovery.
- Replacement of lost electrolytes: VETIDRAL supplies the lost electrolytes in the same proportions as in sweat. VETIDRAL is also enriched in FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) that allow a better absorption of minerals.
- Increases thirst: The complex glucidic nature of FOS and their hyperosmotic properties cause increased thirst and hence increases the horse's water intake.
- Stabilisation of intestinal  ora: FOS enables the maintenance of the pH of the intestinal tract at a physiologically normal level, controlling the development of pathogenic bacteria. VETIDRAL also ensures a better resistance to the stress of exertion and a proper functioning of the digestive immune system.
- Anti-oxidant action: notably in the muscles due to the supply of vitamin C.
Available in 1L bottle


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