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Capillary strength during respiratory effort

EIPH (Exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage) involves multiple factors and affects both the respiratory and vascular systems up to 87% of all racehorses are prone to this condition.
The plant extracts found in the EKYBLEED formula have been selected for their recognized beneficial effects on both the vascular and respiratory systems
- Reduction of pulmonary capillary pressure: recognised diuretic action of orthosiphon and dandelion.
- Increase in the resistance of the blood vessels (red vine leaf and horse chestnut) and blood  uidity (sweet clover).
- Reduction in the in ammation of the airways and bronchial spasms (rosemary).
EKYbleed is used in horses with pulmonary capillary sensitivity.
Avaialbel in a 490g box.


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