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The Role of Habits and Behaviours in Calf Rearing - CPD Webinar

Monday, 13 February 2023

Find out more about Interchem's calf rearing webinar

Thanks to all that attended our recent webinar titled "The Role of Habits and Behaviours in Calf Rearing". Thank you to our guest speaker Tommy Heffernan MVB Gradcert DHH.

Don't worry if you missed out you can click the link below and view the recording!

Webinar recording

Precision Microbes for Calves

With calf diarrhoea accounting for over 60% of disease in the pre-weaned calf, Precision Microbes will help recovery and gut stabilisation following scour. With the need to reduce antibiotics and the challenge of AMR we are delighted to be bringing these unique solutions to the veterinary market. Our calf probiotics containing E faecium NCIMB 104153 is licensed for gut stabilisation under veterinary supervision. Our calf probiotics are only available through the veterinary channel.
To find out more about Precision Microbes download you brochure here.

Bag and box presentation 

Watch our video on the new bag and box presentation and how to use it:

Precision Microbes for Calves is available in 1L, 10L bag and box and 20L bag and box. 
Purchase 1L here
Purchase 10L here
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