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Interchem Leads The Way In Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy For Dogs, Cats and Horses

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Interchem Ireland Ltd is now working with Nextmune UK Laboratories to bring their innovative PAX (Pet Allergy Xplorer) serum test to Irish veterinarians: PAX is the first molecular serum IgE specific test for dogs, cats, and horses in Ireland and is the next generation serum testing for allergic patients. Alongside PAX, Interchem is facilitating the purchase of the only licensed immunotherapy in Europe.

PAX is a state-of-the-art approach to the detection of sensitisations, whereby defined single environmental and food allergen components are used for the determination of specific IgE alongside traditionally used allergen extracts. The molecular components are purified or recombinant proteins that provide a higher level of standardisation than allergen extracts and enable a more precise identification of IgE sensitisations. Pet Allergy Xplorer (PAX) is the first commercial serological IgE-specific test that uses allergen extracts and molecular components to identify which allergens are affecting pets and horses. Benefits of PAX testing include:

  • Over 200 allergens included = lower testing cost per allergen
  • Only 1 ml of serum sample needed per test
  • Expected increase in serological test sensitivity due to a higher concentration of molecular allergens
  • Identification of ”primary” sensitizing allergens
  • Better identification of allergen cross-reactivities to help reduce the number allergens going into vaccine therapy
  • Better selection of relevant allergens for specific immunotherapy

Please contact your local Interchem Territory Manager for more information.

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