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Milk fever: Science, Prevention & Practicalities- CPD Webinar

Monday 13 February 2023

Find out more about Interchem's milk fever webinar. 
Thanks to all that attended our recent webinar titled "Milk fever: Science, Prevention & Practicalities". Thank you to our guest speaker Dr. Richard Eicher DVM, Dr. med. vet., DES, MSc and Dr. Lauren Popiolek DVM, BSA. 
Don't worry if you missed out you can click the link below and view the recording!
Webinar Recording  

Electro Pidolate Max bolus

The Electro Pidolate Max bolus contains calcium pidolate and magnesium pidolate. Pidolate acid is a derivative of glutamic acid extracted from sugar beet. As a highly soluble salt, it guarantees excellent calcium bioavailability whatever the pH. Whatever the age or the health status of an animal, the absorption of calcium in the form of calcium pidolate is 29% to 52% higher than from calcium in the form of other organic salt (Marchandise, 1987).

Cows should receive 2 boluses at the first sign of calving. These boluses will provide 40 hours of controlled release.

To find out more about Interchem's milk fever bolus the Oligovet Electro Pidolate Max Bolus download you brochure here.

Watch our video on the Electro Pidolate Max bolus:

Electro Pidolate Max Boluses are now available in boxes of 12's and 50's 
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